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Susan for school board

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As the mother of a child in the Fallbrook Union Elementary School District, I believe that no one cares more about our children’s education than parents.  Currently none of the five FUESD Directors are parents of children in the District, which is why I am running to replace one of them in November 2018.  Fallbrook needs people who are personally invested in the community to lead the boards that guide organizations like FUESD.

I have been a community volunteer since I first moved to Fallbrook with my husband in 2003.  When my oldest son (now 11) began elementary school I started giving my time in his classroom and with the PTA.  Soon I was on the Board of the PTA and now, six years later, I am the Treasurer and past-President of the PTSA at my child’s school.  I also volunteer in both the classroom every week, as well as serving on the School Site Council, so I have seen school policy from many angles.

Is our school district doing the best it can for our students?

Are the teachers getting the resources they need?

Are we doing everything possible to retain good teachers and help them improve?

Is the funding our district receives being used in the most effective way?

How can we encourage parents to choose to keep their children in FUESD schools, rather than moving to other districts or private schools?

These are the questions I will ask on my campaign for FUESD Board. If I am lucky enough to be elected I will use my position to make sure that FUESD is doing its best for every student in Fallbrook.

Please vote for me in November, 2018!

Do you have ideas about how we can improve Fallbrook schools?  Would you like to be a part of my campaign?

Please contact me at info@susanforschoolboard.com!

8 thoughts on “Welcome to Susan for School Board!”

  1. I am happy to announce my support of you Susan. You are stronger than you think. I believe you will be a great asset to the FUESD Board. March on!

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