• Consistent Education Throughout the County

    Every student in Fauquier County should have the same available resources. Schools that lack resources in any area, should be partnered with and supported to ensure that no student in Fauquier County is unable to reach their academic goals. Although elected to represent Center District, Susan will work hard to make the best decisions for every student in Fauquier County.

  • Teacher Support and Compensation

    Teachers are frustrated and financial compensation, just one piece of the puzzle, does not represent the whole. Our educators need support and the tools required to educate the children in their classrooms. We need to engage our educators and create reasonable plans that benefit all stake holders.

  • Susan stands on a platform of 360° communication

    She is committed to giving county educators a platform on which to speak and parents the opportunity to become more involved in their children’s education. By implementing a concept of “Borrowing from the Best,” Susan will encourage communication among the county schools. Our best resources are right here in our own community.

  • Borrowing from the Best

    We’ve all watched a neighboring elementary, middle or high school outshine ours with regards to the coordination or execution of an event. How did they do it? Rather than keep best practices close to the vest, Susan will encourage open communication among our schools and a willing sharing of “How Tos” for some of their best events and practices.

  • Re-evaluation of the county’s “Bring Your Own Device” policy

    Susan would like to clarify the roles of a student’s personal device in the classroom and ensure that teachers are not forced to compete for a student’s attention. If personal devices are not adding to a student’s education, then appropriate guidelines should be established to protect the learning environment.

  • Finalization of the plans for the Middle School Project

    Our county has awaited the final decision regarding Taylor Middle and Warrenton Middle schools long enough. It is time for our students, parents, teachers and taxpayers to have a decisive plan regarding the future of our schools.

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

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