Meet Susan


Having devoted the past 18 years to raising her and her Marine Corps Veteran husband’s four children, Susan has decided to become an advocate for both teachers and parents in Fauquier County as Center District school board member. “I have been an active participant throughout my children’s education from Kindergarten through high school in Fauquier County and understand the challenges that both educators and parents face,” she says.

Susan stands on a platform of 360° communication. She is committed to giving county educators a platform on which to speak and parents the opportunity to become more involved in their children’s education. In response to concerns over the use of personal devices in the classroom, Susan will work with both educators and parents to determine a compromise whereby parents have access to students, but technology does not become a distraction in the classroom, but rather compliments the learning experience.

Implementing a concept of Borrowing from the Best, Susan will encourage communication among the county schools. Communication from the top will be critical to ensure parents understand budgetary expenditures. Susan will lend her voice in Richmond on behalf of our teachers to ensure that our county receives the most state funding to compensate teachers fairly. While public school funding is a complicated system of algorithms determined at the state government level, Susan will work with her fellow elected officials to ensure the county takes full advantage of all available tax revenue opportunities for the county’s education system.

Susan is excited for the opportunity to serve our teachers, children, and community and will bring her warm and friendly personality to each and every conversation. Learn more about Susan by following her Facebook page or attend any of her upcoming meet and greet opportunities.